Tess Amorim Bio, Wiki, Height, Boyfriend, Age & Net Worth

Tess Amorim is a well-known Brazilian actress also known as Tess Amorim Coelho. Born on September 15, 1994, the pretty actress mainly works in the Brazilian entertainment industry. Amorim made…

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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima Wiki, Height, Bio, Husband, Age & Net Worth

Adriana Lima is a famous Brazilian actress and model who already has achieved marginal success in the entertainment industry. Born on June 12, 1981, the extremely looking hot actress Lima…

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Carolina Dieckmann

Carolina Dieckmann Bio, Wiki, Height, Age, Husband & Net Worth

Carolina Dieckmann is a beautiful Brazilian actress who also known as Carolina Dieckmann Worcman. She was born on September 16, 1978, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and works in the…

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Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen Bio, Height, Wiki, Husband & Net Worth

Gisele Bündchen also known as Gisele Caroline Bündchen is a popular Brazilian model, actress, author, businesswoman and environmental activist who is regarded as the 16th richest woman in the shwobiz…

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Christiane Torloni

Christiane Torloni Bio, Height, Husband, Age, Wiki & Net Worth

Christiane Torloni is a popular Brazilian actress who already has established herself in the entertainment industry. Born on February 18, 1957, the pretty actress mainly starred in the Brazillian telenovelas…

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Alessandra Negrini

Alessandra Negrini Bio, Wiki, Height, Husband, Age & Net Worth

Alessandra Negrini is a famous Brazilian actress who is also known as Alessandra Vidal de Negreiros Negrini. She was born on 29 August 1970, in São Paulo, Brazil and mainly…

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Letícia Sabatella

Letícia Sabatella Bio, Height, Age, Husband, Wki & Net Worth

Letícia Sabatella is a popular Brazilian actress. Born on March 8, 1971, the hot Brazilian actress is notable for her acting role in the Brazilian telenovela ‘O Dono do Mundo’….

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Sophie Charlotte

Sophie Charlotte Biography, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Husband & Net Worth

Sophie Charlotte is a popular and well-known German Brazilian actress who also known as Sophie Charlotte Wolf Silva. Born on April 29, 1989, the extremely looking nice actress Charlotte began…

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Jackeline Olivier

Jackeline Olivier Wiki, Height, Biography, Husband, Facts & Net Worth

Jackeline Olivier is a popular and famous Brazilian actress who has achieved remarkable success in her career. Born on September 29, 1977, the looking nice actress Olivier began career journey…

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Mariana Ximenes

Mariana Ximenes Height, Biography, Age, Husband, Facts, Wiki & Net Worth

Mariana Ximenes commonly known as Mariana Ximenes do Prado Nuzzi is a popular Brazilian actress who has got huge popularity among young people in Brazil. Born on April 26, 1981,…

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